Bodhi and Birch Desk Rescue Package


So, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I’d be moving office… usually, I consider myself a fairly calm person, but evidently I like routine and dislike change far more than I’d realised.

Consequently, I found myself in need of a little care package to ease my way into a new office and to soothe my skin and senses during the move and found my way to Love Lula to pick up some treats.

I’ve been wanting to try Bodhi and Birch’s products for ages after reading so many glowing reviews, so this and my birthday coming up in September seemed like the perfect excuse to buy myself some little presents.


First up – the Lime Blossom protecting hand serum. We are moving to a hot desk set up, so I wanted something that would protect me from germs (the serum is loaded with wonderful anti-bacterial oils) and which would also offer much needed moisture to my hands.

After packing up the office on Friday, this came in really handy. Sifting through reams of ancient paper as we cleared things out left my hands dry and with roughed up cuticles and many little cuts. This helped to soothe my skin, keep my hands soft and clean after washing and as a bonus smells great.

The serum is a light oil with the scent of lime blossom – I expected it to be a little more zesty, but it smells… well, like orange blossom, but limey! It’s a very gentle scent and not overwhelming.

This is a great help for me – it’s a much nicer alternative to using alcohol gels all the time and adds moisture without overwhelming my skin. I don’t like applying hand cream during the day usually, as I find the greasy feel irritating when I have things to do. However, this soaks in well and does leave your hands feeling soft but not greasy.

Overall, although this was an investment for me (especially as I rarely buy any hand products) at £22 for 30ml, the combination of the anti-bacterial action and it’s moisturising properties make this feel a special treat, whilst offering some really practical benefits. 


Next up, the Mint Thé temple balm. This beautiful, aromatic balm has been a wonderful item to have in my handbag and in my desk drawer.

The soothing salve can be applied to the temples to ease a headache, to tired legs and feet, to insect bits… or just inhaled from the pot, as I have been doing when I need a little bit of energy and clarity.

The pure, clean, minty camphor-ish smell is wonderful. At the tail end of my hayfever season, I found that applying this just under my nose helped to clear my sinuses and allow me to breathe easier. It also helped after the musty, dusty papers set me on a sneezing fit!

I’ve also found that during my lunchtime mindfulness session, applying a little of this under my nose and to the centre of my forehead creates a beautiful experience for a mindfulness of breath exercise- the coolness and clean smell allow me to really feel my breath and enjoy the experience of just being in my body.


This lovely white balm goes a very long way – a very small amount is needed.

So although it is pricey at £15 for 15g, I can see this lasting me for a very significant amount of time. Also, the beautiful glass jar will be reused afterwards for home made salves, which helps to add value to the purchase.


And finally, the Cacao Cocoon lip treatment balm.

This lovely balm has come in handy in the dry office environment. It is a rich balm which has left my lips looking plump and well nourished.


The lovely, bright yellowy orange balm smells a little of bananas, to my nose! This soon fades on the lips, but my lips are left feeling soft and well looked after, without a greasy heavy feel.

Although I liked this a lot, at £15 for 15g, I feel less certain whether I would repurchase this, as it doesn’t have as much multi-tasking appeal as the temple balm for me. Having said that, I’m pleased with how my lips are looking right now! [edit – the adorable Bodhi and Birch tweeted me to tell me that you can also use the Cacao Cocoon as a blemish rescue balm, due to the high level of seabuckthorn in the formulation – that may well be a deal breaker for me. I’ve got it slathered on my blemishes as we speak! And you can put it on your dry knees! The many, many uses!!]

So – my desk rescue package has done the trick. The gorgeous packaging made me feel special to open it (I keep them in the boxes because I like them so much, which is unusual for me!) and they have worked well as a trio to allay my various office woes, both physical and emotional!

Of the three, the Mint Thé temple balm is my clear favourite. I can see myself re-purchasing and am already considering a second to go beside my bed as I also find it soothing to apply before I go to sleep.

I’m also eager for recommendations for which Bodhi and Birch products to try next – which do you like best? And what are your office lifesavers?



3 thoughts on “Bodhi and Birch Desk Rescue Package

  1. Ooh, thanks Sandra, that’s helpful. I’ve been eyeing the neroli oil for a while… Think it might have to go on my wish list! Glad you love these products too. I’ve been really enjoying them. The blemish tip was helpful – the cacao cocoon took the redness out of a couple of spots that I have on my chin at the mo. Xx


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