Birthday wish list

So, September is my Birthday month. I love the autumn, it signals my Birthday, an end to the hayfever misery of the summer and the start of crunchy leaves under foot, the smell of bonfires and cool, sunny days.

I have a few things in mind for my Birthday, so this is a little list to help me decide what treat to get myself (I already got myself a little pre-Birthday treat, see my last post… oops!).

First up, Sandra – over at Beauty Balm has been inspiring me with her empties this month and also with her helpful comments and recommendations. Thank you Sandra, you’ve been very kind.

1. Sandra and many others sing the praises of Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts – these sound so amazing. I really could do with the relaxing, sleep enhancing properties of these gorgeous salts!

2. Sandra’s second recommendation was to try a Bodhi and Birch facial oil… Neroli Luce particularly jumps out at me and again, the Bodhi and Birch facial oils come highly commended from many bloggers, including Sandra! Also, obviously, being called Lucy, most people call me Luce, so it seems made for me… ; )

3. Another Bodhi and Birch offering – Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Scrub. Again, I’ve seen so many people writing about this. I really like the sound of the scent and would be keen to try the other products in the scent family.

4. I’ve had my eye on Vapour Stratus Instant Skin Perfector – I think the stick form, rather than the fluid, might be better. I’ve been trying to get a sample for ages, but it’s often out of stock. If anyone has tried both, let me know which is better! I think the stick might last longer and consequently be more economical, also? Thoughts?

5. Also from Vapour… I’ve got through a sample of Courtesan and Impulse in the Aura Multi Use Blush Stain. I can’t decide which one I like best… I enjoy both colours, although I prefer Impulse for use on my lips.

6. Finally, I’d really like a facial roller. This one from Cult Beauty looks gorgeous, but I’d also settle for a cheaper version – amazon has several jade/adventurine ones at around the £10 mark.

7. Oh, one more. In none-beauty news, I’d like a Buddha Board – I’ve got a similar product (which I used for my little illustration above!) and love it, although I’m not very skilful. The idea is that you can practice your calligraphy skills and learn non-attachment and acceptance by painting on the special surface, on which water appears as ink. As the ink evaporates, the painting disappears. It is incredibly relaxing and peaceful.

8. I’m not good at this, just one more… The last one reminded me of another… I would really love a copy of Calligraphic Meditation: The Mindful Art of Thich Nhat Hanh. This is a beautiful book, which includes a wonderful illustration of the phrase “no mud, no lotus.” It would be good inspiration for using the Buddha Board.

So, anymore September babies out there? I know Ru over at Short Small Sweet is one! I loved her fantastic Birthday wish list. What would you choose from my list? Any extra recommendations?

Lucy x


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