Dermia Patchouli Cleansing Balm

thank you Bruce at Dermia for the photo!

thank you Bruce at Dermia for the photo!

Now I’m sure like everyone else, I love a good cleansing balm. I’ve tried quite a few and particularly loved a rather pricey one at around £28 a tub… but after using up a few sample pots, I came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t afford/justify spending that amount of money.

I spent some time trying out different options from different price ranges and then one day, having a search for new brands, I found Dermia.

Dermia is natural handmade skincare company based in Stirlingshire in Scotland.

I got in touch with Dermia to find out more about the brand. Bruce at Dermia told me that the company started out around ten years ago, with the simple mission of providing gentle, natural products that worked, at an accessible cost. Something that was very much missing from the market back then.

This beautiful, patchouli scented balm meets all of those criteria. It isn’t too strongly scented (something I very much appreciate) and my skin has been enjoying the straightforward mixture of oils and waxes. The suggestions for use on the website are that this balm is used with cotton wool pads, however I prefer to use it with a flannel. As the website indicates, it can also be reapplied as a moisturiser and I’ve found it good for dry patches.

my own well loved pot!

my own well loved pot!

Now to come on to the price… £4 for a 50ml jar. That’s right, £4.

Unbelievably good value. I would buy it to use as a moisuriser for dry patches, even if I didn’t love it as a cleanser. My skin has been enjoying it and has looked much clearer for using it as a cleanser. The texture is buttery and smooth and pleasant to use, offering a good base for a facial massage.

By comparison, I tried the balmbalm frankincense cleansing balm, which at £7.99 for 30ml offers a budget friendly balm of a similar nature to the Dermia balm. I really wanted to like this as I like balmbalm as a brand, but found that the texture was heavy and that my skin looked a little dull after using it.

Consequently, I will be continuing to buy the patchouli balm from Dermia.

I’m also curious to try their organic avocado scrub – another very reasonably priced product on offer at £6.50 for 100g kilner jar with sugar, avocado oil and vitamin e and the seaweed peeling mask and soothing sounding yoghurt, honey and oat mask at £1 per satchet.

All in all, this lovely company have been friendly and efficient to deal with and have definitely met their aim of providing quality, affordable, natural and effective products. In fact, this balm was one of a catalysts for setting up this blog, as I really wanted to spread the word about how great and reasonably priced it is.

Thanks Dermia!


No mud, No lotus


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