Lyonsleaf Healing Blend Calendula Cream


For the past year, every month or so, I’ve been getting eczema type dry patches on my upper eyelids, which have been red, flaky and generally pretty unattractive and a little uncomfortable. I’ve tried all of the oils, balms and creams in my stash and nothing much made a difference, with the odd exception of Suti’s cleansing balm which I found worked really well when applied as a cream… however at £28, although I loved it and it cleared up my dry patches, I couldn’t really justify the price once I’d finished my little sample pot.

My most recent bout was the worst, with really flaky, red, raised, sore looking skin. On asking around on twitter, the gorgeous Rachel from All Natural Aspirations got back to me and recommended that I try Lyonsleaf Healing Blend Calendula Cream.

At £14.95 for a very respectably sized 110ml jar, this is very reasonably priced. On opening the jar after tearing open my package in excitement and desperation, I instantly loved the gentle smell. To me, it smells like lemon drizzle cake. Warm, gentle, slightly sweet and faintly citrusy (this might be just me!), I find the scent very comforting and not at all overwhelming.

I applied it straight away to my eyelids and found it improved the appearance of my dry patches immediately. The flaky skin looked much better with the first application. As a bonus, it worked really well on my lips, which had become very chapped too (I think I need to have a look at my diet and lifestyle – my skin is rebelling) and were completely resistant to any lip balm I tried. My lips had got to that special level of chappedness where it looked like I was wearing red lip liner, without the use of any actual lip colour and were very sore.

After a week of use, my lips were back to normal and my eyelids were pretty much back to normal, with the exception of some redness where the skin was still healing. A couple of weeks on, my eyelids are still really wanting this, when I don’t apply it, I notice within a few hours that the patches are regaining a parchment like feel, but other than that and the shiny look of my eyelids from my over generous slathering, this has been amazingly good and has really helped to heal my skin.

As for the wet look eyelids… I’m just going to pretend I’m working one of those MAC eye glosses that I could never get to grips with back in my pre-green days!

I’ve barely dented the jar, so I think that this is a very good value for money product, with very clean ingredients, a lovely organisational ethos and a lovely smell. Thanks to Rachel for recommending it, it has really helped.


no mud, no lotus


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