Starchild Original Magical Botanical


After reading Amber’s amazing DIY floral facial steam post, I really wanted to get some flowers and herbs to try this for myself.

I initially had a look at Baldwins – which is where Amber picked up her supplies, but although they’ve got an amazing variety at great prices, they didn’t have one or two things I wanted in their organic range.

After scouting around on the internet for a while, I came across Star Child. Based in Glastonbury, looking at the virtual tour, their physical shop must be a delight. If I ever make it up there, I’ll definitely be hoping to pop in… again, too much Cadfael in my formative years, but it looks like my dream apothecary shop!

Being a bit of a hippy at heart, I loved the fact that the descriptions for each herb gave information about historical and metaphysical traditions for the herbs and flowers, in addition to info on modern day information about the beneficial qualities.

My package arrived today, which was brilliant timing as I was feeling very poorly. I had a cold and compounded this yesterday by ordering a take-away as comfort food… which gave me food poisoning. Yay! I know, I brought it on myself…

The Organic Lavender Flower Water, at £4.95 for 100ml is a god send. It smells incredible (luckily I’ve maintained my sense of smell) – It has a deep, almost fruity smell to start, with a gentle camphorish note to finish and I’m pretty much smitten. Even if you aren’t generally a lavender fan, I think this would still be worth a try – it’s a far cry from your grandma’s drawer liners. I’ve decanted a little into a spray bottle and have found it very soothing on my feverish face. I also used it as a toner on a pad after taking off my makeup… you appreciate the smell better that way, I think, although it’s less handy than a spray. It left my skin feeling smooth and comfortable. I’ll update this post if I notice anything particular with further use. I will definitely be ordering this again – the packaging is pretty and I can’t get over how gorgeously full and natural the scent is.

Also very handy was my impulse buy (I was looking for flowers, herbs and floral waters and deviated a bit…). Frankincense oil is a very useful oil, which I find infinitely comforting and soothing. When I got home and found my package, I made up a little bowl of sea salt, mixed with a few drops of frankincense oil to go in my bath. This helped with my breathing and hopefully the salts and the positive effect of frankincense on the digestion also assisted in calming my stomach at the same time as calming my mind. At £7.95 for 5ml, although it isn’t organic, the oil is good quality and reasonably priced.

The organic herbs and florals I will be writing about in future blog posts after I’ve undertaken some bathroom alchemy to transform them into bath infusions, perhaps salts and who knows what else! ; )


No mud, no lotus


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