Bee Happy Beeswax Candle Kit


My Mum very kindly gave me some beeswax goodies, including a Bee Happy Beeswax Candle Kit. I love beeswax and all things bee, so I was very excited to play around with the kit. Beeswax candles are said to purify the air and offer a traditional, soothing alternative to parafin based candles, which are not particularly good for our health.

It is very simple to make rolled candles like the one above – the picture shows a three sheet candle that had been burning for around 12 hours.

The quality of the wax it very good, it has a gentle natural honey scent and the instructions were very helpful.

The kit says that you can make 3 tall candles or up to six shorter candles with the 6 sheets of 20x10cm beeswax and the cotton wicks included in the kit.

I decided to go off piste a little and made one shorter, fat candle (shown) and six tea lights.

For the tea lights, I recycled some metal cups from old tea lights which had burned out by popping out the left over wax.


I read around and found this tutorial, which had the excellent idea of using hair pins to hold the wicks in place. I cut the wicks to length and popped them into the middle of the pins. I cut 3 sheets of beeswax into squares and melted it in a jug in a bain marie (I did have to give it a short blast of 10 secs in the microwave on low half way through though, the wax starts to set very, very quickly). Then I poured the wax into the metal tea light cups and popped the wicks in. I over poured a couple… oops.


Three sheets made six tea lights and the tea lights burned well, although I think that the rolled candle gave a more noticeable honey aroma.

I’ve also got some blocks of beeswax, which I often use for making balms, so I’ll be trying out the blocks for future tea light making too.

I was pleased with how the finished tea lights looked (the wicks need a little trim) and had a lot of fun playing around with this lovely little kit.



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