Andy Millward to the Rescue!

(photo with kind permission from Andy Millward… I should add that’s not me getting the treatment, though. I wish my skin was that gorgeous!)

I have been reading Andy’s blog, Pampered Prince for sometime. A little while ago, we got in touch through twitter when Andy put a shout out looking for guest bloggers and I did a post for him. We got chatting via email and when I realised how close by Andy is (in nearby Stourbridge), I couldn’t resist booking a treatment with him.

Andy’s page gives lots of details about the fantastic work he does to help improve skin condition to promote glowing skin. I was impressed with Andy’s technical knowledge about skin (something I lack!), his choice of botanical based, highly effective cosmedix products and his holistic approach to skin health.

I booked a 1 hour bespoke treatment. On the day, my skin was particularly stressed. Due to a couple of weeks of stressful happenings and also a lot of time out in the cold and wind, my cheeks were very red and chapped and I was having a breakout on my forehead and lower cheek/jawline.

Andy was so reassuring and very friendly. He completed an extensive consultation – I had completed a 7 day food diary at his request prior to the appointment and he took details about my lifestyle and skin routine.

Andy then gave me an amazing facial treatment – a thorough cleanse with a gorgeous emulsifying oil – this had a wonderful scent and felt beautiful on my skin. Andy was kind enough to give me a sample of the oil to try afterwards – it is a great, very effective product. Andy used ultrasonic cleansing (enjoyably tickly!) and manual cleansing to gently clean my skin…

Andy then completed an analysis of my skin using a special light which apparently lit up the oily areas of my face (chin and the sides of my nose) bright orange! Gross!! Glad Andy got to see that and not me! Hehehe… this was very interesting though and enabled Andy to give me a really thorough breakdown of my skin’s overall health and condition post treatment (via email thankfully, otherwise I would never had remembered it all as I was feeling super relaxed!).

This was followed up by Andy’s choice of bespoke Cosmedix products, to help to address the various issues he had picked up in my current skin presentation. Andy’s treatment completely knocked my socks off – the chapped skin on my cheeks felt a lot smoother afterwards (erm, I promise I wasn’t touching my skin, Andy!! I know you told me not to, but it was so soft!) and the inflamation had really come down. However, what really surprised me is that in the next couple of days, my blemishes really faded and went down and my cheeks continued to heal really well. This was definitely more than a pampering treatment, this was a Treatment with a capital T!

However, much as this was a serious, skin rescuing treatment (I can’t even begin to give you a true understanding of all the technical details, do have a look at Andy’s page, it is packed with details about the products and techniques he uses), it was also very relaxing. Andy gave me a mini shoulder rub with Bodhi and Birch’s Ginger Brew (amazing, now I understand why Andy and Amber likes it so much!) and a scalp massage, leaving me feel very calm and peaceful.

Andy finished up by smoothering my poorly cheeks in healing balm and was incredibly sweet and kind, giving me firm injunctions about looking after my skin post treatment.

His follow up advice was very comprehensive, covering diet and lifestyle as well as skin care routine and giving a detailed analysis of my skin, which was fascinating (oh boy, wish I’d worn a bit more sunscreen!!) and informative and to me, this adds even more value to the treatment itself. There was no hard sell of future treatments or products Andy was promoting, just good, unbiased advice, which I very much appreciated.

Andy offers treatments in the Stourbridge and Birmingham area  – if you are local, I would definitely recommend Andy- he is very experienced and knowledgeable and also very good at putting people at ease.

Thanks so much Andy for this skin saving treatment, I really needed it!


No Mud, No Lotus

Disclaimer: I paid for this treatment myself.


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