JR Liggetts Old Fashioned Bar Shampoo


I have been using JR Liggetts old fashioned shampoo bars for several years now, after first reading about them on Beauty by Britanie.

I have fine, curly hair and have always found it difficult to find products that suit my hair – natural or otherwise. At the time, I was trying the bicarb and cider vinegar rinse method, but I found that although this left my hair clean and shiny, it seemed to make my curls drop a little, so I was excited to try JR Liggetts – particularly as the write up states that conditioner is not necessary due to the gentle oil based formula – great for me as I struggle to find conditioners that don’t weigh my hair down.

Over the years I’ve used several formulas including Ultra Balanced (fragrance free and suitable for damaged and colour treated hair), the original formula (which smells like Nag Champa insense) and I’ve just purchased the herbal formula (which smells deliciously clean – lavendar, rosemary and cedarwood) and a selection of mini bars in a travel pack. I’ve loved all of them – they lather beautifully, leave my hair clean and soft and don’t make my curls drop.

Both of the UK sources I used to use now appear to be closed for business, so my most recent order was via Vitamin Grocer – a USA based company. Even with the cost of shipping, the prices they charge are very reasonable, as the only other UK sources I have found have been very expensive… as the prices are reasonable on vitamin grocer, I was able to buy 2 full size bars and a travel pack whilst keeping the value under £15 to avoid customs charges. They dispatched my order quickly and I was impressed with their service overall. They have a few hard to find brands and their shipping is very reasonable.

I have been meaning to write a review for ages, but all of the bars I had were open and half used, so I wanted to wait until I had some pretty new bars to show you. Pictured are my lovely selection of new bars… I have a full size ulta balanced/moisturising bar (fragrance free for damaged hair) and a herbal formula bar, (£4.54 each) which probably has the nicest fragrance in the range, in my opinion. I also purchased this adorable little travel kit (£4.31). It comes with a handy bag to store your bars for travel, a useful soap saver (a little piece of plastic which attaches to the bar and means you can put the bar down without picking up fluff and can make the most of the little bars) and four mini bars, one each of the tea tree and hemp and jojoba and peppermint bars and two original formula bars. This travel pack is a great way of trying the bars. I picked it up because I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks time and will be taking hand luggage only. Each bar is packaged in adorable old fashioned, eco friendly paper wrapping and is equivalent to around 24oz (about 700ml?) of liquid shampoo.

These shampoo bars are amazing to travel with – hand luggage friendly, long lasting and multi-tasking. You can use them as shaving soap (they lather brilliantly with a shaving brush or in your hands), to wash clothes and as body soap. I also use the little slivers towards the end of the bar to wash my make-up brushes and find them brilliant as a brush shampoo.

I love using these traditional bars – washing my hair with them makes me feel like I should be in a copper tub in front of the fire in the Wild West… I’ve obviously been watching too much Deadwood. They are great value and very effective. The range of scents and formulas offers something for everyone and I have read reviews from people with many hair types who have had success with these bars for hair washing (without the need of conditioner) and for cleansing locs too. They are also pretty popular with backpackers, due to their space saving and multi-tasking qualities.

Have you tried shampoo bars? I would definitely recommend these ones!


No mud, no lotus


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