Myrene Young Organic Skincare Review

WP_20160124_011So… First of all, wow it has been a long time since my last post! I started a new job in September and I found it hard to get a good work life balance going, but here is to a new year and more blogging fun! I have had this post in mind for a while, but Sandra at Beauty Balm dropped me a message to say she featured me in her 2015 roundup and that gave me the extra happy push I needed to get back in the blogging (and blog reading!) saddle.

Well, a few months back I ran out of several products at once and didn’t have a massive budget for replacing them. My low cost product search eventually brought me to Myrene Young – I had not come across the range before, despite the press page having some great mentions in various magazines. The range of natural and organic skincare is compact but well formed. I was in need of a cleanser, serum and facial oil and found all three for very respectable prices. The website and packaging feel fairly no frills, but if that helps keep the prices reasonable, who can complain.

First up, I picked up the Organic Deep Cleansing Lotion at the bargain price of £6.50 for 150ml. This is a wash off cleansing milk which contains some nice ingredients including oat extract and argan oil, which both work well for my skin. The pump delivers slightly more product than I needed, but you can only partially compress the pump to get less once you realise this! I found the milk worked best when removed with a warm flannel. It removed my makeup well and left my skin feeling very comfortable, with no tightness.


Although the instructions were to rinse with water or use with cotton pads, I think that if you have combination or oily skin, removing it with a flannel is possibly going to work better. I found that I broke out a little using it as a milk with cotton pads, but had no issue when I removed the milk with a flannel. The only thing I don’t like so much about this cleanser is the strong scent of verbena- this was another reason I liked washing it off… This is just personal preference, I tend to favour less scented products. Overall, this is a very good cleanser for the money.

Next up is the Organic Bio-active Serum – this was £8.50 for 30ml. I love this. In texture, it reminded me of the Nars Essential Vitamin Serum which I used to use in my pre-green days (I obviously had more money and sense back then…). It is lightweight and has a faint citrusy scent. With all of the products I tried, I found the pump delivered too much product… But that is my only complaint. I liked it mixed with a drop of the facial oil at night and found it a good base for makeup during the day. In the smaller container, it was harder to half press the pump, so I got through this quite quickly… On the plus side, my décolletage got serumed far more than usual!


The ingredients are good – I was chiefly hooked by the pine bark extract. I wasn’t feeling too exact, but I am sure Myrene Young would be happy to discuss what “natural preservatives” they use for anyone who needs to have a more specific idea about this.

Finally… I purchased the Organic Facial Oil– again £8.50 for 30ml. One of the peculiarities of the website is that there are some typos and some products have full ingredients listed whilst others don’t. This one doesn’t, but I decided to give it a go. It is a blend of rosehip, argan and other oils, with lavender. It’s a pleasant facial oil, I only need a drop or two and found it very good mixed with the serum at night, as I mentioned. The scent is gentle and calming at night. I think it is good value and apart from the lack of polish with the packaging and marketing, it is an interesting range with some unusual products and beneficial ingredients for the price point.*

Have you tried any Myrene Young products? What did you think?

* one of the repeated typos is “argon oil” – I am assuming this is argan oil as argon is more know for it’s gaseous state than it’s skin loving properties… 😉


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