Thankfully, my hay fever has not been too bad so far this year, but today’s sunny weather has resulted in my sinuses beginning to complain… So I decided on some pampering to make staying in doors more enjoyable.


I started off with an organic matcha latté, using some lovely culinary grade matcha from new start up Mad Matcha. I felt in need of the skin loving, health bringing nutrients of matcha. I have a milk frother, which whisks the milk whilst heating it. It’s pretty much my favourite kitchen gadget. Mine is made by VonShef and will froth milk cold or heat and froth it. I’ve found that if you start the frother up and add a teaspoon of matcha as the milk is swirling, it disperses really well. I also added honey. Sometimes I add cinnamon or vanilla extract. In the morning I add a shot of coffee, I really like Organic Marley Coffee. I’ve made it with dairy and nut milks- all delicious.



While I had the matcha and honey out, I decided to make a mask… I added a teaspoon each of matcha and manuka honey then a few drops of rose hip oil, all of which are renowned for their healing properties…



… To make a very swampy, yet effective, mask! FYI, I tried taking face mask selfies with the cat next to me, with the intention of an amusing face swap, but the app did not recognise either of us as having a face. This is a shame, but suggests that a matcha facemask might offer adequate camouflage in a Predator type situation… As well as leaving your skin glowing. Also FYI- the bright, nourishing green of the matcha can stain your sink and fabric you might get it on, so be a little careful with it. 😉

I hope your Sunday had some space for play and self care, too.

No mud, no lotus x


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