Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid

Madara moon flower swatch - above the dollops of product, I've blended a dot out onto my arm.

Madara moon flower swatch – above the dollops of product, I’ve blended a dot out onto my arm.

Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid

Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid

I have had both Madara Sun Flower tinting fluid and Madara Moon Flower Tinting Fluid for quite some time.

In summers past, I’ve enjoyed sun flower, which is a warmer tone. However, this summer my hayfever, combined with a heavy workload, have ensured that I’ve remained very pale all summer. Consequently, the lighter moon flower seemed a better option.

Both fluids have a very herbal, freshly mown grass type smell. Personally, I rather like it and find that it wears off fairly quickly, but I know others may not enjoy the scent.

The texture is light and fairly liquid – I’ve tried applying it with several methods, but have found that plain old fingers works best.

The fluids offer a very sheer level of coverage – this is fine for me. I struggle with anything that feels heavy on my skin. It offers enough moisture for my combination skin, although I do need a little powder on my t-zone to prevent shine, particularly in the summer.

Madara state that the tinting fluid hydrates and evens skin tone, blurring imperfections. I’d agree with that, although it really doesn’t do much for any active blemishes.

The fluid has a shimmer to it, although I don’t find it overly intrusive, it is noticeable in certain lights. On my skin, it just gives a bit of a glow and an evener tone. Moon flower is fine for my winter/sun deprived skin (my skin is very pale with an olive tone), with sun flower better if either a) I want to look a little more bronzed or b) I’ve caught the sun a little.

The packaging for the tinting fluid is good – I’ve used a full sun flower and part of a moon flower and have found the packaging to be pretty robust and to be fairly free from wasted product.

I would prefer it in some ways if the tinting fluids contained an spf, but as I said, I’ve seen so little sun this summer that this has been neither here nor there!

Overall, I like Madara as a company – their ingredients are pretty good and they provide a helpful glossary on their site. They do not test on animals and are in the process of applying for the “leaping bunny.”

I would recommend moon flower (or sun flower) to those looking for a sheer, moisturising product which offers a little radiance and colour, but not if you need more coverage or are bothered by a slight shimmer.